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Tax Attorney Position - The University of Texas System

Bianca Garcia | Published on 3/26/2021

The University of Texas System is pleaded to welcome applications to fill an in-house tax attorney position. The position is described in the first attachment, and you’ll learn more about our principles of client service in the second.


In the Office of General Counsel, we value service, excellence, diversity and inclusivity. That means we hire candidates who use their agility, passion, creativity and good judgment to advance the important work of our 14 universities and medical centers. It also means we embrace the principles of the UT Opportunity Rule and the Mansfield Rule, which are intended to promote diverse interview pools.


Even better for working parents like me, we offer our team members a terrific array of employee benefits, including:


  • Employee (and optional family) health insurance, effective on the first day of employment
  • Lifetime, retired-employee health insurance (after 10 years of service with UT System)
  • Paid UT System holidays, plus state compensatory time (additional paid leave when working over 40 hrs./week)
  • Paid leave to attend K-12 educational activities for the employee’s children
  • Flexible work schedules
  • Free, on-site employee wellness and gymnasium facilities
  • Paid wellness leave (up to 1.5 hours/week for fitness activities)
  • On-site, covered parking and free public transit pass
  • Pre-tax health and dependent care expense accounts
  • Texas’ famed 0% state income tax


Interested in joining our team, or know someone who might be? Please find this position on our careers website. Incidentally, our team’s health and safety is critical to us, so we invite successful candidates to work remotely through 2021, or to join us in Austin sooner if public health considerations allow it.

For more information see the following documents: Principles & UT System tax attorney - job description 3-16-21