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           Santa Clara County La Raza Lawyers Association                                                                                                                    

About Us

Founded in 1976, Santa Clara County La Raza Lawyers Association is a non-profit organization based in Santa Clara County, California.  Our organization is committed to:
  • Providing a forum for communication among attorneys interested in promoting the profession advancement of the Hispanic/Latino community.
  • Providing a mechanism for concerted action in support of the cultural values, economic interests and social dignity of the Hispanic/Latino community. 
  • Enhancing the technical skills of Hispanic/Latino attorneys through sponsorship and promotion of continuing legal education programs.
  • Promoting the visibility, impact and election or appointment of political candidates, judicial candidates and public officials who advance and promote the interests of the Hispanic/Latino community.
  • Accomplishing all other things necessary and appropriate for the advancement of these purposes and the welfare of its members.  
If you are an attorney or law student in the Bay Area, please consider joining Santa Clara County La Raza Lawyers Association.

La Raza General Meetings typically take place the THIRD WEDNESDAY OF EACH MONTH.